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Hello, my names Michael. I’m 19 and have had my knuckles tatt’d for about a year now, on my right hand I have an anchor, the illuminati sign, a spade, and a dollar sign. On the left its a diamond, a key hole, a lightning bolt, and lastly an old school bomb! They didn’t have a mass amount of meaning but I thought they looked sweet so I just went with them lol

Knuckle Tattoos One Hand

Skull, Diamond, Anchor, Heart

Ane Kruse sends us these knuckles:

this is my new knuckle tattoo, it´s homemade and rockin’! It doesn´t mean anything. AWESOME!

Knuckle Tattoos One Hand


Oddvar Telstad sent these knuckles in a long time ago (twice) and somehow they fell through the cracks. Sorry about that Oddvar! Here they are now!

The lightning is fram tha AC/DC logo.
The I is for my doughter Iris
The cross is the Cross of Infinity, for the infinite love for my girlfriend.
The spade is for luck.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Jim Thompson sends us these hands and answers the age old question “What will your knuckle tattoos look like when you get older?” The answer is “Fucking awesome”:

Just came across your site and thought I’d send in my knuckles. The right hand has the four elements for fire, earth, air and water… all part of a theme for my right arm. The left hand has MCML on the upper knuckles. It has a double meaning… first, it’s my birth year in Roman numerals… yeah, that’s 1950, I’m an old fart. It also means “my choice, my life”… below that, MYOB… that supposed to remind me … “mind your own business”… sometimes it works, sometimes, not…
These were done by my buddy, Jax’n at The Body Gallery in Sterling, Virginia. The shop is owned by Jenny Kreer. Awesome lady!!!!   .
.. great shop, great people! If you’re in the area, drop by and check them out!!!





Knuckle Tattoos

Bow, Ohm, Marilyn

Alex March. Eventually all of them will be done, but so far, got marilyn monroe cause shes a babe, ohm cause im down with the meditation, and a bow cause i wanted my middle finger to be cute.

Knuckle Tattoos Other

Dave Bireley won’t stop

This is it, this time I mean it! Dave? Is it intervention time? This is the 3rd time we’ve featured you on the site. I know it is a rush every time, but really there comes a time in a man’s life where he has to say, “I’ve done enough.”

Here is what he has to say this time around:

Well sir I enjoy your web site so much & the collection of such great art, ideas & stories, that I got carried away contributing to it.

So here’s my last submission.

Finger tips done today May 10, 2011 – LONGEVITY, HEALTH, LOVE, PEACE, JOY, WEALTH, CHAOS, INFINITY & if i only raise each middle finger it will indicate LOVE MONEY

All the work on my hands was done by Stuart of Transcending Flesh Tattoo located In Lancaster PA.

I look forward to seeing how Dave figures out how to cram more ink on his digits.

Knuckle Tattoos Other

Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth

My name is Andrea Bailey. I’m 22 and my knuckle tattoos were the 16th piece I’ve acquired.
I Got my knuckle tattoos in Portland Oregon at a shop call SeaTramp.
I didn’t know as I was walking in that I was going to get them. But I was there with a friend and told him I’d buy him a tattoo if he got his before mine so I had time to think about it. He agreed. 40 mins later the time arrived for me to make a decision. I said “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth..”

The guy said “what?”
I said “it’s in the know?”

So he pulled out the Bible and we found the scripture.
I then knew I wanted the symbols (eyes, teeth) when necessary.
He decided to use the same font from the Bible for the lettering.

Some people ask why it’s backwards or hard to get at first.. My usual response is “revenge is something I don’t understand.”

Funny story about my knucks: I was going through a custody proceeding and the judge didn’t really like me. I could just read it in her face and comments. Her argument was that my knuckles/the scripture were affiliations with an Asian Gang. “Bahahhaha!” <— My response! I’m neither Asian or intimidation enough to be in an Asian Gang. (I did end up losing the case anyhow..? couldn’t tell ya why.. haha)

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This one goes out to my pals in the Austin Facial Hair Club. Although I can not grow a beard of my own, it is important to support those who can. Lauren Ray of Pensacola, FL sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i got this tattoo because well, i LOVE beards. Everyone knows it, so i decided to truly show how much i do by getting it tattooed on my knuckles. The thumbs were a last minute idea and i love them. Tattoo courtesy of 3 Saints Tattoos, Pensacola, FL.


Knuckle Tattoos Other

Religious Symbols


Johnny Trouble, head piercer at Mothership Tattoo and Piercing in Pismo Beach, CA sends us these blacklight tattoos:

I got these knuckle tattoos a few months ago. They are of some of the major religious symbols in blacklight ink, therefor completely invisible under normal light….

I got them because A) i thought it was funny and B) that way when i die i have all my bases covered…. :)

Knuckle Tattoos Other

Lightning Bolt

Hunter Ingersoll sends us this knuckle tattoo:

sitting in class doodling, kept drawing a lightning bolt. Class dismissed, “cherry bomb” tattoo shop in martinsburg, wv, lightning bolt tattood on middle finger. end of story. no meaning but i dig it. tat has faded a lot since pic but going to get it touched up soon