4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Jim Thompson sends us these hands and answers the age old question “What will your knuckle tattoos look like when you get older?” The answer is “Fucking awesome”:

Just came across your site and thought I’d send in my knuckles. The right hand has the four elements for fire, earth, air and water… all part of a theme for my right arm. The left hand has MCML on the upper knuckles. It has a double meaning… first, it’s my birth year in Roman numerals… yeah, that’s 1950, I’m an old fart. It also means “my choice, my life”… below that, MYOB… that supposed to remind me … “mind your own business”… sometimes it works, sometimes, not…
These were done by my buddy, Jax’n at The Body Gallery in Sterling, Virginia. The shop is owned by Jenny Kreer. Awesome lady!!!!   .
.. great shop, great people! If you’re in the area, drop by and check them out!!!