Aprille sends us these words and the story:


this is my favorite album of all time that as gotten me thru alot of the bad times, pretty much all of my bad times. its an album by ATMOSPHERE. i plan on getting my hands done with the rest of the phrase, which is “embrace how i live ‘cuz” then on my knucks it says GOD LOVES UGLY. its a work in progress, need to be redone. but it has a lot of meaning to me, im not a #1 fan or anything, just very sentimental in a music way


Jason Green sends us this set of knuckles and his reasoning:

I got this to go along with the “HEATHEN” written on my stomach and the “No Gods. No Masters.” written on my collarbones. But they are mostly hidden which is why I wanted my knuckles done.  I don’t believe in god or religion. I live by my convictions, and I wear them on my sleeves, literally.


And here is Dan’s story:

Here is my knuckle ink, I just got it done about 5 hours ago. Wanted to submit it to your website. I have always like the line, “fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom” (proverbs 9:10) I’m an ordained reverend, so I found it fitting.

Dan Hill



These come courtesy of Rob Hamilton, the owner of Hamilton Motorcycle Repair.

I’ve been through a lot of crap the past couple of years. “God is Love” is a reminder that despite my flaws, God’s love is unconditional. I know it doesn’t necessarily blend in with the other tats on your site…but I figured I’d submit the pic anyway. God Bless.

Actually Rob, you fingers fit right in here. Knuckle tattoos always seem to be about the individual’s belief in something. Thanks for sending them in.