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Aprille sends us these words and the story:


this is my favorite album of all time that as gotten me thru alot of the bad times, pretty much all of my bad times. its an album by ATMOSPHERE. i plan on getting my hands done with the rest of the phrase, which is “embrace how i live ‘cuz” then on my knucks it says GOD LOVES UGLY. its a work in progress, need to be redone. but it has a lot of meaning to me, im not a #1 fan or anything, just very sentimental in a music way

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JohnnyThief sends us these knuckles with the full story:

Did this after my divorce,… my world was unraveling & my vision was blurry,…

We had a storm brew up, real wrath of God stuff, & it blew away all our appointments. Being a bit fried from working too much, I blew off any real work & started drawing on my left hand,… Hm, yeah, that was exactly the mood I was in,… but what to put on the right hand? As I was walking around the shop, Richie B looked up at me & just said the word ‘UGLY’. I said, ‘Man, that is cold ass shit. Let’s do it!’

I was in such a bad mood, I made him do it twice.

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