Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What font is that?

Knuckle tattoos are all hand lettering, so there isn’t really a font that covers them. They are often in the Sailor Jerry style lettering.

Why do people get knuckle tattoos?

It depends on the individual. In talking to people, I’ve found that in most cases people get knuckle tattoos to represent something they love or feel strongly about. They choose to mark their bodies in a way that they can not hide. These are not (most of the time) drunks making a mistake. They are usually carefully considered decisions.

What should I get tattooed on my knuckles?

If you have to ask me, you shouldn’t get knuckle tattoos. Seriously, I can’t even pick out what mine should be. And if you don’t know and aren’t sure you should NOT get them done. They are a serious commitment and do cause some people to make wrong assumptions about you.

Why is it taking so long to get my knuckles up on the site?

I apologize it is taking so long. I try to post at least two or three sets a week, and it is possible that there are several sets a head of you. If it has been a really long time, email me and I’ll let you know where they are in the list.

What are your favorite set knuckle tattoos?

They are all my favorites. Seriously, I like the ones that are rough and tumble, and the ones that are sweet as pie. I think every set tells a story, and has a story behind it. I like them all.

What do you have on your knuckles?

Right now I don’t have knuckle tattoos. I just can’t settle on one set. Until I have the story to back it up, I’m not getting anything done.

Where should I send questions, comments, pictures and/or stories?

I can be reached at