8 Across Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos


hi. my name is Dustan from Indiana. I got electric funeral tattooed top and bottom because Black Sabbath is the only band that has ever mattered on planet earth.

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


My name is Erika Wright and I live in Dayton Ohio.
I always wanted knuckle tattoos but never could figure out what to get.
I’m the most friendly person you will ever meet so I wanted something that said otherwise.
One day I was listening to Warren G. and there it was. :) I was sold from there.
8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


hey i’m pete from germany,
my story about my knuckles becomes a bit obvious if you translate it from german.
‘zwanglos’ simply means ‘without bondage’ or ‘fetterless’, but you normally wouldn’t cut the word into the syllables ‘zwan’ and ‘glos’, which emphasizes the idea of it all, because it doesn’t make any sense, unless i want to.
in addition ‘zwanglosigkeit’ in german is somehow associated with serenity and after all my knuckles will forever remind me that there’s no authority but myself.
Done at Santa Sangre, Cologne
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This is Jonny C. and Sam Riot. They are best friends and welders here in Austin, TX.

Jonny got his knuckles done first and say they are a reminder of what life is for him. His knuckle tattoos were the first tattoos he got and now he is fill his arms on up.

Sam loved the idea of HARD WORK and asked Jonny if he minded getting matching knuckles. Jonny was on board, and now the two are working class heroes until they die.

Sam also got the double decker done with AMERICAN: 

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos Thumbs


My name is Kenny from Lawrence, Massachusetts and im 22! The reason i got mine is cause so many people have these certain standards of living and how things are supposed to be you know. I deffinitly hate society and all the bullshit people worry about that doesnt matter. So if your an average no body living by the unwritten book, your a sold soul. But the way i live is the oposite and whats important in life or what success is, its different in my eyes and dont really care about much remember life sucks then you die.

Here’s my thumbs as well:

4x4 8 Across Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos

1971 20 ? – DOVETAIL

I spotted Brian at a party at a friend’s house. You can figure out the rest.

He and his wife also have DOVETAIL down the second sets, because it describes the perfect joint.

4x4 8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Jeanine sends us her knuckle tattoos:

I got these done almost 4 years ago by Zack Woods at The Missing Piece in Spokane, WA. The “o” is a fish bowl and the “F” is a fishing hook. This tattoo has a lot of meanings for me. For the most part it is a comic book referance and this is what I tell people. Whenever I think of Lenore the cute little dead girl saying “fishies go pook pook pook” I think of goldfish. But I am also a fish out of water. This has more than one meaning for me. I have always been an oddball and as a female with tons of tattoo work I get a ton of odd looks. I also love to swim. I am an Aquarius… so it all just fits me perfectly. Not to mention I love the goldfish snack food crackers. White cheddar for the win baby. ~ J

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Justin Myers, 29 of Maumee, Ohio sends us these knuckle tattoos and his story:

I am a survivor of testicular cancer so I got “SURVIVOR” across my knuckles. I already had a mace and chain on my left ring finger and used that as the “O”.

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Peter Eichhorn sent these knuckles in:

Just got these done, 8 across “HUMILITY” I got this to remind me to stay humble, its a key trait in recovery.  I got it in an old Celtic font because every one else has the same style font.

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


My name’s Alexandre Hu, I’m 20 years old and from New York City.

The reason why I got “INSTINCT” tattooed on my knuckle is because InstinctNYC.COM is my clothing company and I’m dedicating and giving it my all 100% to make sure my dreams come true as a designer.

My clothing brand is a part of me and a lifestyle for me everyday.