Damn, a hard rock and roller from across the seas.

Hi guys my name is Simon and I came from the sunny capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

I did my knuckles tattoo because I’m sing in two bands for a longtime ( DOLLAR LLAMA & DEATHWAGON ), and my religion is “Rock & Roll”!

I live it everyday, and is something that I’m really proud off! :D

Without Rock & Roll I probably couldn’t live, so that’s my tribute to it!

I have several tattoos such, 2 maori arm long sleeves, a couple of anchors, lots of waves and many others, so it was natural for me to do this ones too.

The knuckles were made by Cias at DHC TATTOOS and they turn out pretty damn good!

Hope you like it!

Cheers from this mate from Europe!



Markus Sell sends us these knuckles all the way from Munich, German

The Story behind is that i already had the Stars on my left and right hand.

They weren`t made that good and i thought about having them made over and use the star for the A in the Word STAR, and on my other Hand ROCK to build the Word ROCKSTAR.

I was more into it when i read KAT von D`s Book cuz i liked her hands so much. Now im Happy to have it on my Knuckles.
Lets see what my Boss is thinking about it when i see him on Monday :-)

Im a Male Nurse here in Munich, Germany and in charge of the Ward. :-)


Ah, two years into the Knuckle Tattoo project and finally someone has sent in a set of knuckles that read ROCK and ROLL. I feel like I’ve finally arrived.

J.D. Milligan, the frontman of the Anti Saints sends these in:

this tattoo was done sometime last month (august 08′) at screaming skulls parlor in Gravesend, England i never caught the tattooists name.

ever since i was a kid i’ve been listening to rock n roll i was brought up on pretty boy floyd,rose tattoo,motley crue you get the drift, i was always destined to stand out in the crowd which i must say i do quite successfully. i was talking to someone about my lifestyle and just blurted out “rock n roll isn’t just a genre of music, or a lifestyle it’s a f’n blood type” it was then i knew i HAD to get this tattoo, so on a whim i just jumped down and got these bad boys done. enjoy!


ROCK STARDro sends us this set of ROCK STAR knuckles:

I am the bass player for south florida’s Deadstar Assembly. In this email I have attached a photo of my knuckle tatt which reads “Rock Star”. A bunch of fans have been emailing me asking me to submit my photo to this site, so I figured I’d finally take a picture and send it in. Hope it goes to good use. You can check us out at and