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My name is Kenny from Lawrence, Massachusetts and im 22! The reason i got mine is cause so many people have these certain standards of living and how things are supposed to be you know. I deffinitly hate society and all the bullshit people worry about that doesnt matter. So if your an average no body living by the unwritten book, your a sold soul. But the way i live is the oposite and whats important in life or what success is, its different in my eyes and dont really care about much remember life sucks then you die.

Here’s my thumbs as well:

Knuckle Tattoos Thumbs


These fresh knuckles were sent in by Mike Timm:

Friday before last at our tattoo shop we were giving out 13 dollar tattoos and I figure it was time I hooked up my knuckles with a sweet tattoo

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Other Thumbs

409TX TM601

Hi, I’m Kristopher “Crucial” Waldrep. I’m a tattooer at Gill Montie’s Tattoo Mania in Beaumont, TX.

My fingers were tattooed by Waylon Hart from Anchors Aweigh in Sugarland, TX. I got 409TX because that’s where I’m from and TM601 to represent Tattoo Mania 601 Park St.

My thumbs were tattooed by Shane Montie on a Friday the 13th, hence the lucky number 13.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Other


Die-hard fan Bert sends us his knuckle tattoos and story:

Dead By Dawn is actually an accessory tattoo to by back and arm pieces. All three of these are inspired by Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 film. The only real personal meaning they hold is of I guess somewhere in the Horror movie dork world. Also I wanted 10 letters for my knux and the only other thing that fit was “UNHIREABLE”.

Planet 13 is of more of a personal nature and a tribute to Wednesday 13’s Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. Back to the Horror / Sci – Fi dork thing but some gender bending background as well.