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Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth

My name is Andrea Bailey. I’m 22 and my knuckle tattoos were the 16th piece I’ve acquired.
I Got my knuckle tattoos in Portland Oregon at a shop call SeaTramp.
I didn’t know as I was walking in that I was going to get them. But I was there with a friend and told him I’d buy him a tattoo if he got his before mine so I had time to think about it. He agreed. 40 mins later the time arrived for me to make a decision. I said “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth..”

The guy said “what?”
I said “it’s in the know?”

So he pulled out the Bible and we found the scripture.
I then knew I wanted the symbols (eyes, teeth) when necessary.
He decided to use the same font from the Bible for the lettering.

Some people ask why it’s backwards or hard to get at first.. My usual response is “revenge is something I don’t understand.”

Funny story about my knucks: I was going through a custody proceeding and the judge didn’t really like me. I could just read it in her face and comments. Her argument was that my knuckles/the scripture were affiliations with an Asian Gang. “Bahahhaha!” <— My response! I’m neither Asian or intimidation enough to be in an Asian Gang. (I did end up losing the case anyhow..? couldn’t tell ya why.. haha)