4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Leesa G. sends us these lovely … knuckles and her story:

My knuckles were done by Joe Reno at Shogun Tattoo in Pasadena, CA.

There were a few reason’s I chose “Cat’s Meow”:
1. My husband’s knuckles say “Real Gone” so I wanted a phrase that was also kind of beatnick slang.
2. I work with animals for a living.
3. I wanted something that was really positive and upbeat.  I believe we can draw either negative or positive experiences and energies to us, and I prefer to give and get positive energy.

I’m the lead singer for a SoCal punk band called The Creamers.  The band likes my tattoo and the uhm, “boob pic” so much that we’re calling our 2012 release “Cat’s Meow” and putting this pic on the cover.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Susan of Denver, Colorado sends:

Went into a new parlor and showed the artists this idea.  I actually had written it in pen on my knuckles to get the feel of it, and one artist said he loved this tattoo so much he would do it for free!!  Sweet!  Know I have tow of my favorite words for all to see.

It was done at Mantra Tattoo in Lakewood CO, By Ben Gun.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Dylan Hilsley of Freak Recordings fame sends us this fresh meat. You can follow him over at the Dylan Freak facebook page too!

My names Dylan Hilsley, I have been making and playing music for over 17 years, I grew up in London England and moved to Philadelphia 4 years ago. My “Purr – Meow” knuckles were a dedication to my Ex girlfriend Fussy, She was my little kitten, i also love my hairless cat because he is completely amazing and my best friend ever!, i tour alot and have been based back in London for 5 weeks playing european shows, My best friend Charlie Shazer from Kids Love Ink East London did nearly all my tattoos, We just go on crazy ink sessions, i had 7 in 2 weeks this time, Including both my knees too (Ouch) Funtimes!