4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Dylan Hilsley of Freak Recordings fame sends us this fresh meat. You can follow him over at the Dylan Freak facebook page too!

My names Dylan Hilsley, I have been making and playing music for over 17 years, I grew up in London England and moved to Philadelphia 4 years ago. My “Purr – Meow” knuckles were a dedication to my Ex girlfriend Fussy, She was my little kitten, i also love my hairless cat because he is completely amazing and my best friend ever!, i tour alot and have been based back in London for 5 weeks playing european shows, My best friend Charlie Shazer from Kids Love Ink East London did nearly all my tattoos, We just go on crazy ink sessions, i had 7 in 2 weeks this time, Including both my knees too (Ouch) Funtimes!