4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Andy Garcia sends us his fresh ink:

I got it in blacklight ink because I didn’t want to effect my opportunities with employment.  I choose self made because I am responsible for who I created myself into. Physically w all the ink I have and also mentally to how I view things

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Garrett Styles sends us these awesome knuckle tattoos:

hand made, represents 3 aspects to me. first and most importantly, I am a christian and believe that we are all hand made by God himself. secondly, i am  a mechanic and do all my work with my hands, i make a living with them and support my family with them, so to me , my family is hand made. Thirdly, i am into 4×4 trucks and there is alot of fabrication involved, and i always prefer to make what i can rather than buy it. being hand made. 

all my work has been done by Baillie Fruson @ eye of the needle saskatoon saskatchewan.

4x4 8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Just got this update from Richard Baggett. I had taken his picture at the Lonestar Round Up and he wanted to add his story to his knuckles:

I’m an Artist Blacksmith in Fort Worth,Texas.
I’ve allways worked with my hands. A skill I thank my grandfathers for. Working with metal has always been my favorite medium. Several years ago a great guy introduced me to Blacksmithing.
Now I build hand forged sculptures. Hence the tattoo “HAND MADE”.

4x4 Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos Other


Today I’ve got a great set of knuckles for y’all. They come on the hands of Skye from Australia, she’s 40% covered and working on more. Since so much of the ink is on her hands, I’m going to alternate her story and the pictures of her knuckles:


Mans Ruin:
there are 3 things that can ruin a man
and im a women and i admit i have ruined a few men, so i got that tattooed, guess its a warning :P


Self Made:
in my childhood i was brought up in a poor family and through schooling i got allot of unwanted attention cause i could afford to buy the best of everything like all the other rich kids… now im very sucessful and definatly would be having a better lifestyle than those kids that had made fun of me. im where i am today cause of myself not my family nor friends.. I AM SELF MADE


the 3x’s in the webbing of my fingers stand for a life style that i have chosen. The life style is called “Straight Edge”, for people who are unaway of what this consists of.. its
1.No Alchole
2.No permiscuious sex
3.No drugs
and some other people also believe that you have to be vegetarien or vegan as well, i dont believe that view but i am vegan myself.