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I am a tattoo artist at Last Chance Tattoo in Las Vegas. I recently did some lower knuckles on one of my husbands co-workers who just got out of a relationship. She got Love Kills with a little broken heart instead of the o in Love. She also has Man’s Ruin on her top knuckles which her first husband Sean did. Here is everyone’s info¬† and the picture is attached. I hope that we make it on your site!

Knuckles belong to: Trieka, Bartender @ The Divebar, Las Vegas NV

Love Kills:
Tattooer Rachael Scumbag @ Last Chance Tattoo, Las Vegas NV

Man’s Ruin:
Tattooer: Sean, (not sure where he lives now) Formerly of Precious Slut, Las Vegas NV

4x4 Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos Other


Today I’ve got a great set of knuckles for y’all. They come on the hands of Skye from Australia, she’s 40% covered and working on more. Since so much of the ink is on her hands, I’m going to alternate her story and the pictures of her knuckles:


Mans Ruin:
there are 3 things that can ruin a man
and im a women and i admit i have ruined a few men, so i got that tattooed, guess its a warning :P


Self Made:
in my childhood i was brought up in a poor family and through schooling i got allot of unwanted attention cause i could afford to buy the best of everything like all the other rich kids… now im very sucessful and definatly would be having a better lifestyle than those kids that had made fun of me. im where i am today cause of myself not my family nor friends.. I AM SELF MADE


the 3x’s in the webbing of my fingers stand for a life style that i have chosen. The life style is called “Straight Edge”, for people who are unaway of what this consists of.. its
1.No Alchole
2.No permiscuious sex
3.No drugs
and some other people also believe that you have to be vegetarien or vegan as well, i dont believe that view but i am vegan myself.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Edge Erin sent us this lovely pair of knuckles and she has this to say about them:

I have always been just “One of the guys” You know how that is. But I am amazing, I am not your typical prissy girl that tries to be one of the guys. You always develop crushes on your best friends of the opposite sex, I mean if you weren’t attracted to each other some how, would you even be friends? Anyway, I would always say to them if they wanted to be more than friends, that it wouldn’t be possible to keep a friendship after, so I’ve pulled the “I only like you as a friend” thing, too many times. But its true right? … SO I have been called a lil heartbreaker, but “Heart Breaker” wouldn’t fit, so I chose the next closest, “Man’s Ruin” claiming myself to be the ruin of some men. I have also been told that I ruin men in other ways.. (wink wink) haha so its kinda a 2-way meaning.

I also didn’t know of anyone else having it on their knuckles so that helped too. Although it has sort of been a “Job stopper” tattoo, I have found an amazing job at an animal hospital, that doesn’t judge me by my amount of tattoos and piercings.

Tattoo done by: Nick Flanagan @ Dragon’s Lair Tattoo Salem, NH