dirt life

Hello, my name is Jeff, I’m a 31 year old Taurus living in Seattle, WA.
 I knew I wanted a 4×4 that was both a phrase straight across and a polarity, a black/white, night/day binary.  -dirt life- is my working class pride tattoo.  My buddy, who has -wrkn clas- on his knuckles, and I were discussing working class issues and our true enjoyment of being working class, free from the pressures of social mobility. He said to me “man, the way I look at it, I came from dirt, I’m always gonna be dirt, and I’m gonna die in the dirt.” It was like a beautiful brick hit my stomach. I sat on it for 24 hours and asked for his consent in making that idea my knuckle tattoo.
I truly spent my life in the dirt because my mother was a gardener, I mostly played in the woods and in ditches and in the dirty Mississippi River, I work in coffee now which comes from dirt and coffee on your skin and clothes looks like dirt.  It’s just me. I also like that it mocks the morality around poorness, such as the phrase “dirt poor” common in my home state of Louisiana. I have taken that morality and claimed it as my own, with honor. I have also been listening to Tupac a lot and it’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to his phrase THUG LIFE. Taurus is an Earth sign-more dirt. The polarity of -dirt- and -life- is very dynamic and very interesting to me on many levels. It, along with my Taurus glyph on my neck, is my favorite tattoo. It’s my way of recontextualizing something that is normally negative and derogatory.


Rishelle sends us these thoroughly done up knuckles, including the stories behind them all:

Hi! These are the knuckle tattoos that I just got done, and the sides of my hands by Derek Davie at Anchor’s End Tattoo in Buffalo, NY. They stand for the fact that you need to live free of everything that is negative, live free of other people’s negative feelings about you. Live the life you want, the way you want, and don’t give a single care as to what others have to say about it. Live free, imagine peace and love your life. The sides stand for that you have to know more to hate less, less is more and more is less, you have to know hate and hate what you know. Enjoy :]


James Brown sends us this set of knuckle tattoos and the story behind them:

About a year ago i had a house with some friends in tulsa where we partied our ass’s off and did some pretty crazy stuff things that i shouldn’t say but i can say we were just doin what people our age do..music,drugs,and rockin roll.. ha i guess well i had a job and was welding makin really good money so i had the money to party like a rockstar and screw like a pornstar so i thought i was livin the fast life and i love famous stars and strapes so i thought i would get this tattoo to show the world how i live on my fingers so everyone could see it every where i went..! A friend of mine did it for free because i bring people to him to get tatoos all the time so he hooked me up with it.!! I have got it re-done three(3) times since then., the i was supossed to have a diamond at the top for the dot..he put a diamond shape and not the real diamond picture..but other than that i really like my tattoo…after i got it i also learned that the rapper paul wall has the same tattoo but his is a little different..and actually has a diamond for the i..!! well thank you for checkin out my tattoo people..!! im out..later.!!