4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


James Brown sends us this set of knuckle tattoos and the story behind them:

About a year ago i had a house with some friends in tulsa where we partied our ass’s off and did some pretty crazy stuff things that i shouldn’t say but i can say we were just doin what people our age,drugs,and rockin roll.. ha i guess well i had a job and was welding makin really good money so i had the money to party like a rockstar and screw like a pornstar so i thought i was livin the fast life and i love famous stars and strapes so i thought i would get this tattoo to show the world how i live on my fingers so everyone could see it every where i went..! A friend of mine did it for free because i bring people to him to get tatoos all the time so he hooked me up with it.!! I have got it re-done three(3) times since then., the i was supossed to have a diamond at the top for the dot..he put a diamond shape and not the real diamond picture..but other than that i really like my tattoo…after i got it i also learned that the rapper paul wall has the same tattoo but his is a little different..and actually has a diamond for the i..!! well thank you for checkin out my tattoo people..!! im out..later.!!