My name is Kenny from Lawrence, Massachusetts and im 22! The reason i got mine is cause so many people have these certain standards of living and how things are supposed to be you know. I deffinitly hate society and all the bullshit people worry about that doesnt matter. So if your an average no body living by the unwritten book, your a sold soul. But the way i live is the oposite and whats important in life or what success is, its different in my eyes and dont really care about much remember life sucks then you die.

Here’s my thumbs as well:


My name is Mel. Here’s my picture, and my story.
I got these done for the first time in 2008 I think, by a good friend in Australia.
I always wanted something across my knuckles.
Stay Down, because at the time I was doing Muay Thai, and I found that amusing to have it under the gloves. It’s also a fair warning for trouble makers.
But mostly, because I wanted to remind myself that I wasn’t the one supposed to stay down in my life. Bullshit had to stay down. Eventually I’ll get CALM tattooed on my left hand, inside, so when I open my left hand and close the right one, one can read Stay Calm, because I need to remind myself of that too.
Photo by Francis Beddok.


My name is Mick Bell and I live in Grimsby, UK. I have hours and hours of tatts but I always wanted something on my knuckles but could never decide what!  I’ve always been intrigued by Latin so I decided to have something Latin (that would be 8 letters) and I came across the “Bona nox” its Latin for “Good Night”. I’m a bouncer on a weekend I thought it would go well. I’ve never seen it on anyone especially on knuckles, so I had it done.  Hope it inspires others. Peace.

5040 7920

My name is Andy Jacko (

I have had quite a few tattoos from my mate David “Pengerzz” Jenkins and I am from Manchester, UK.

My tattoo is the numbers “5040” & “7920” and they are very important numbers in mathematics. They are also connected to crop circles and aliens, which I am into… and ultimately the reason I got the tattoo.

I think Wikipedia can explain the mathematics side much better than I could:

But, I am a programmer and kinda a mathematics geek…

Basically crop circles are made up mostly of geometrical shapes and mostly circles with outer circles around them which usually end up squaring a circle (which is actually impossible because of the value pi) and 5040/7920 are the ratios you need to do this most accurately…there is some pretty advanced geometry and mathematics displayed in the crop circles, and some are so advanced we have had to learn new mathematics to even comprehend them…which then brings me to aliens, which I am a big believer…and I believe that because of the complexity of some of the formations that there has to be some kind of intelligence that we are not aware of, and I believe that our planet has been visited NTI’s in the past and have helped structure our society and helped us evolve by teahing us certain things…the crop formations are still teaching us new forms of mathematics…

This is why the numbers mean something to me because they connect 3 things that I enjoy studying: mathematics, crop circles and aliens…also I am from the UK and this is where most crop circles are found…


I’ve known Cullen for years. He is one of the head bartenders at Elysium in down town Austin. I spotted his knuckle tattoos recently and asked about them. He said that they were his first tattoos and he got them when he was drunk.

When I asked what they meant to him I got a lecture on the history of the Dies Irae, which as it turns out is one of the four hymns kept by the Catholic church during the reformation. It is immensely influential in all of classical music and beyond. It is quoted in pieces by Mozart, Stravinsky and many others.

So I asked him again, “But why did you choose to get DIES IRAE?” and he replied, “Because people make assumptions about the character of a person with knuckle tattoos. I like to highlight the dichotomy between high culture and presumed low culture. If the DIES IRAE was good enough for Mozart, it’s good enough for me.”