Knuckle Tattoos One Hand


Martin lives in Guildford, England and sends us the following:

Hi, my name’s Martin, I got “N” on my Roman wedding finger to show my fiancee Natalie how much I love her, and how much faith I have in our relationship. We’re both students at the moment and when we finish studying the wedding will be on… We’ve already been together 8 years, engaged for 7!

4x4 Thumbs


My name’s Jak, and I tattoo at Body Piercing Unlimited in Anchorage, Alaska. I love movies and I really loved Talledega Nights when it came out, so, bored one day, I wrote this on my knuckles at the shop. I showed it to my friend Pete Meiners who was working with me that day, and he said “I will tattoo that on you, RIGHT NOW!”, so there it is.

Knuckle Tattoos Other



Hey everybody, we’ve got a repeat customer! Ben from Hereford UK sent us these a while back:

It’s Ben here, I sent you the hour glass and coffin thumb tattoos.
Well I’ve got my knuckles for you now, hope you like.

If you’ve had a bad day, you can allways rely on a nice brew to ease the pain.
This is just how I take my tea.

Tattoos by Troy Bond at Phil Bonds Tattoo Studio, Torquay UK.