These knuckles come all the way from Natalia in Costa Rica. I don’t know what she is saying, but I’m pretty sure it is awesome:

my name is natalia, from costa rica! ;) y me tatué stay calm, porque soy impaciente, estresada y me altero por todo, aun teniendolo tatuado, i just cant stay calm ;) pero voy progresando hahahaha….
oh and a diamond. made my alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, san pedro, costa rica ♥

UPDATE: Since several people ponited me towards google translate, I’ve gone ahead and added the rough English translation: 

my name is natalia, from Costa Rica! ;) Tatu and I stay calm, because I am anxious, stressed and altered by me throughout, even keeping a tattoo, i just cannot stay calm;) hahahaha … but I make progress. 
oh and a diamond. made by alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, San Pedro, Costa Rica ♥

Liz Has Lucky Knuckles

I spotted these lucky knuckles in Penn Station on Liz, who was waiting for a train during rush hour:


She likes the symbolism of the four card suits which serves to remind her that “life is a gamble”. These are on her right hand. Her left hand is still knuckle tattoo-free.

These were inked at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Merrick, New York.

Check out one of her other tattoos over on Tattoosday.

Thanks to Liz for sharing these with us here on!



JR sends us these knuckles. They were tattooed at The Basement Ink in Oak Forest by Stacy.

I have LIVE FREE on my knuckles. To me this is a testement to living free, in more ways than one. Most importantly to me it means to not let any one or anything keep you from what you want. Your mind, body and soul are your’s and your’s only. The way you choose to live is up to you. Once I started to get tatted more and more everyone told me about the stigma of never going to find a job, and how it is not appropriate, and all that horse shit. So it was also my F**K off statement to all the haters. I think that tattoos are an amazing form of art work and I see my body as a canvass for and amazing artist. And it is reminder that I want to live free literally as in no JAIL for me. I did a short amount of time and the guards would always say how Ironic it was that my knuckles said LIVE FREE and I just called em douche bags and left it at that.