Aaron sends us these knuckles with the following story:

Since childhood, many horrific moments came to help shape who I am. Suffering mental abuse, physical abuse and rape at an early age set the standards for my path of self-destruction. Fighting and run-ins with authority figures. Battles with depression, self-loathing and alcohol abuse came to define who I was. My young son was diagnosed with a rare cancer at age two and received a bone marrow transplant. Diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorders were the outcome. No more. I refuse to be a victim because I shall never admit defeat. My knuckles remind me to STAY CALM in whatever may be thrown my way and to act with compassion and patience. Believe in the power of Positive Mental Attitude. It just might help you save your life.


Darlene sends us these bruisers:

So I learned to accept the fact that, like my mother says, i have a bad next time i debate on getting in drunken bar brawl or wanting to punch a broad for giving me catty looks i’ll try n take a look at my knuckles before acting on that! haha



These knuckles come all the way from Natalia in Costa Rica. I don’t know what she is saying, but I’m pretty sure it is awesome:

my name is natalia, from costa rica! ;) y me tatué stay calm, porque soy impaciente, estresada y me altero por todo, aun teniendolo tatuado, i just cant stay calm ;) pero voy progresando hahahaha….
oh and a diamond. made my alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, san pedro, costa rica ♥

UPDATE: Since several people ponited me towards google translate, I’ve gone ahead and added the rough English translation: 

my name is natalia, from Costa Rica! ;) Tatu and I stay calm, because I am anxious, stressed and altered by me throughout, even keeping a tattoo, i just cannot stay calm;) hahahaha … but I make progress. 
oh and a diamond. made by alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, San Pedro, Costa Rica ♥