4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Dixie King says:

I have been sideshow obsessed for years now and was really excited to get this. The biggest problem was I am an elementary school teacher (art at least, so they expect me to be a bit odd) and knuckle tattoos are not generally excepted in that setting. My wonderful artist, Jorge Moreno (Trinity Tattoo Longwood, FL) offered to do ’em in UV ink so i could still have ’em and keep my job. I am so happy with them!

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Thumbs



Don M. from Toronto, Ontario just sent theses knuckles in. They were inked by Shawn at Blood, Sweat and Shears in Toronto, which is a place where you can get a tattoo and a hair cut. Amazing. I love it. But on to the story:

“SIDE SHOW has a double meaning for me: I wanted to acknowledge in a light-hearted way that some people still see extensive visible tattoos as a bit freakish, but also to remind myself that my own tattoos are a side show… an important and visible part of me, but not the main part of me.”

UPDATE: Looks like Don got his thumbs done too, check it out:


And the continuing story:

Here are a pair of “thumbskulls” (rhyms with “numbskull”!) I had done in July. They go with the SIDE SHOW knuckles I submitted earlier and were done by the same tattooist (Shawn). I’m not sure that flaming skulls need much explanation in the tattoo world, but I got these done because I race bikes . . . when I see my flaming thumbskulls on the handlebars it reminds me to focus and go faster . . .