4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Thumbs



Don M. from Toronto, Ontario just sent theses knuckles in. They were inked by Shawn at Blood, Sweat and Shears in Toronto, which is a place where you can get a tattoo and a hair cut. Amazing. I love it. But on to the story:

“SIDE SHOW has a double meaning for me: I wanted to acknowledge in a light-hearted way that some people still see extensive visible tattoos as a bit freakish, but also to remind myself that my own tattoos are a side show… an important and visible part of me, but not the main part of me.”

UPDATE: Looks like Don got his thumbs done too, check it out:


And the continuing story:

Here are a pair of “thumbskulls” (rhyms with “numbskull”!) I had done in July. They go with the SIDE SHOW knuckles I submitted earlier and were done by the same tattooist (Shawn). I’m not sure that flaming skulls need much explanation in the tattoo world, but I got these done because I race bikes . . . when I see my flaming thumbskulls on the handlebars it reminds me to focus and go faster . . .