4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Man Hands


Jack Waddington sends us these knuckle tattoos with the following note:

My knuckles are just another tattoo ! I don’t have a reason behind them i like to party i like to go out and enjoy my time on this planet with my friends ! so LOCK & LOAD = get ready to have a good life !!

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Lock and Key – SOS

Jailyn Marie Biorn sends us today’s set of wedding bands with the following story:

The lock and key knuckles are my fiance’ and mine. We each have a set. We both have a key on our left ring fingers and locks on our right ring fingers. We got them as Christmas presents to each other last year. We’re from Kennewick, WA… We got them done at Asylum Tattoo in Pasco Washington, by Jesse.

Jailyn also sent this photo of her and her mom:

The “crosses” with the “sos” are my mom and my tattoos. The “sos” means “Survivors of Suicide” because we both have survived it. And we got them also in memory of my uncle (my mom’s brother)… He committed suicide 5 years ago, January 3. It means a lot to us to spread the word that there are other options!