4x4 8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


These knuckles come to us via Killick H. in Athens, GA. Here is his story:

Font geeks’ll notice the American Typewriter font. The ‘j’ is formed by a rope that spills from my hand. The story behind the word readjust has a few layers. I’m a musician interested in issues of transformation, and being more of the moment. Readjust is a gentle reminder for me to adapt and be flexible, be like water. Broken up, it’s also read and just. The ‘read’ works for me since I’m definitely a word stickler and actually have made a living reading English language proficiency test papers for the state of Georgia. The ‘just’ ties in with my wife’s social justice vocation and my belief in unqualified human rights for all. And, switched around, it’s ‘just read’, never a bad thing.

(Extra knuckles after the jump)

And the extended story:

These are white ink tattoos on my wife and me. On the other knuckle section- the ‘d’ is for my wife’s name, and the ‘e’ is for my original name.