Savannah Watson sends us this set of knuckles and the story behind them:

i’ve been an avid, nay, OBSESSED reader since my mother taught me at the age of 4. by the time i was in 3rd grade, i was reading at a high-school level, and by the time i was in 6th grade, i was reading at an undergraduate level. reading is my life, i cant think of anything or anyway i’d rather spend my time. out of all my tattoos, my knuckles are hands down (no pun intended), by far and away, my favorite. i also LOVE the fact that i have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like them, including people who don’t like tattoos at all.

interesting side note, and i hadn’t even realized this until 2 days after i got them, if i hold my hands the other way, they read “readjust”… and as a stress-filled person, i’m constantly needing to readjust my perspective.


Savannah sends us this set of knuckles:

i am a reading addict. i started reading at the age of 5, and have more or less never put the book down since. my personal library contains about 400 books or so. i have yet to meet a single person who doesnt like this tattoo.


These knuckles come to us via Killick H. in Athens, GA. Here is his story:

Font geeks’ll notice the American Typewriter font. The ‘j’ is formed by a rope that spills from my hand. The story behind the word readjust has a few layers. I’m a musician interested in issues of transformation, and being more of the moment. Readjust is a gentle reminder for me to adapt and be flexible, be like water. Broken up, it’s also read and just. The ‘read’ works for me since I’m definitely a word stickler and actually have made a living reading English language proficiency test papers for the state of Georgia. The ‘just’ ties in with my wife’s social justice vocation and my belief in unqualified human rights for all. And, switched around, it’s ‘just read’, never a bad thing.

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Russ R. from Jackson, MO writes:

It’ll be even funnier if I sell the novel.

Yeah well, I’m kinda bookish, sue me.

I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about my experience. When I started getting tattooed I got all tough guy shit: Bulldogs, the “crews” I belonged to, that kind of shit. Then I went through this working class political phase (John Henry on my left forearm for instance). Then I had a moment of lucidity. I woke up and realized I didn’t know shit and had spent entirely too much time in my life trying to make people take me as serious as I took myself. Now my tattoos tend to be funny in a self-effacing kinda way. I’m a welder, but I’m wasting an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry. If you’ve known me for any amount of time “READ MORE” is the only tattoo I should ever have on my digits. It’s funny, but still kind of arrogant and preachy…