Knuckle Tattoos


Back in March, I ran into a couple of blokes in an ATM vestibule at the
corner of 24th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

I say “blokes” because both men were visiting from England. One of them,
Jethro “Jeff” Wood
, is a tattoo artist and considerably inked. His pal, Sam, was likewise decorated.

I posted photos of some of their work on my blog Tattoosday here.

But I held something back from the post. Of course, both men had Knuckle Tattoos.

First off we have Jeff’s “COSY” which is the Anglicized version of “cozy”:

Why “COSY”? Because, Jeff said with a gleam in his eye, “My bird loves
being cosy”. By bird, of course, he did not mean his parakeet, but his
girl. I’d elaborate further, but I don’t want to have to spell everything
out, okay?

Next was Jeff’s friend Sam, who sported these knuckles:

“Why FAT SAM?” I asked. He just smiled, patted his small (by American
standards) beer belly and said it was because he was so fat!

It was a treat meeting these two guys and even more fun talking to them about their tattoos.

Thanks to Jeff and Sam for sharing their digital ink here with us on!