My name is Lindey! I’m from Massachusetts; I got LOVE MORE on my knuckles as a representation that I truly believe people need to love more. I grew up being a very loving child and I’ve always had a big heart. I’ve been thinking about this tattoo for a few years, and the placement felt perfect to me. I think if society really showed love to the people they really care about it would make a big difference in their lives and the person(s) they love! I’ve seen a lot of love and a lot of heart break and I have it burned into my brain that people will get by easier and live life better if they just love more. No matter who you are, love is the greatest feeling to be felt. I got this done from DOUG as Eternal Images in Milford, MA


I met Lance at an annual backyard, underground, bare knuckle, Texas Chili Cooking contest. He works at the Swan Dive bar, here in Austin. His story was that he was at a party one time where a girl was sterilizing tattoo needles and asked if anyone wanted a free tattoo. He thought about it for a half hour and got his knuckle tattoos done.

In case you were wondering, I took 2nd in the chili contest.


My name is Joe Moxley and I’m the co-owner of the clothing line
Legionnaire, with Mike Herrera, the singer of MxPx. I got LOVE MORE
to remind me that my friends and family are the reason for our success
and to love them more each day. Tattoo was done by Kay Boak at
SouthSide Tattoo in Ashland Oregon. She is also designing some the
new shirts that will be out this June. Thank you for your time.


Jazu Maxwell sends us these knuckles and the story:

love more is my advice/request/mantra/projection to the world. i always admired the classic ‘love hate’ knuckles, but never wanted the hate bit. when i decided it was time to get em inked, i was still stuck, what is there besides love? oh yeah, nothing, just more love.  i am a lover not a fighter, always have been, always will be.  never been in a fight, not that i plan on changing that, but really, how could you use love knuckles to hit somebody?  and when i turn my fists in on myself, which does happen from time to time (figuratively), i am reminded that all i need to give myself is more love, not a hard time.  also its a nod and a guilty smile to my inner gluttonous heathen. i love the good stuff, food, sex, art, drugs, music, and lots of it.  want some more? hell yes. i always love more.  considering color, not sure yet…


Russ R. from Jackson, MO writes:

It’ll be even funnier if I sell the novel.

Yeah well, I’m kinda bookish, sue me.

I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about my experience. When I started getting tattooed I got all tough guy shit: Bulldogs, the “crews” I belonged to, that kind of shit. Then I went through this working class political phase (John Henry on my left forearm for instance). Then I had a moment of lucidity. I woke up and realized I didn’t know shit and had spent entirely too much time in my life trying to make people take me as serious as I took myself. Now my tattoos tend to be funny in a self-effacing kinda way. I’m a welder, but I’m wasting an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry. If you’ve known me for any amount of time “READ MORE” is the only tattoo I should ever have on my digits. It’s funny, but still kind of arrogant and preachy…