Lucas sends us this set of knuckles:

The story behind my knuckles is nothing more than self expression. I’ve grown up with many nicknames, an one always stood out to me. Cool Hand Luke, an over the past two years I’ve been throwing This idea around. So I’ve finally decided to make my move, I’m an up and coming bartender in Brooklyn, an soon to be a barber. So with that, Im able to be tattooed from head to toe. There simply is no better way I can represent who I am, better than what my knuckles present. I’m not afraid of 50 eggs nor can I pass up a challenge. My knuckles represent, the concept of never giving up, an also showing off my humor, in other words. I couldn’t be happier. The end.


Garrett Styles sends us these awesome knuckle tattoos:

hand made, represents 3 aspects to me. first and most importantly, I am a christian and believe that we are all hand made by God himself. secondly, i am  a mechanic and do all my work with my hands, i make a living with them and support my family with them, so to me , my family is hand made. Thirdly, i am into 4×4 trucks and there is alot of fabrication involved, and i always prefer to make what i can rather than buy it. being hand made. 

all my work has been done by Baillie Fruson @ eye of the needle saskatoon saskatchewan.


Just got this update from Richard Baggett. I had taken his picture at the Lonestar Round Up and he wanted to add his story to his knuckles:

I’m an Artist Blacksmith in Fort Worth,Texas.
I’ve allways worked with my hands. A skill I thank my grandfathers for. Working with metal has always been my favorite medium. Several years ago a great guy introduced me to Blacksmithing.
Now I build hand forged sculptures. Hence the tattoo “HAND MADE”.