My name is Kenny from Lawrence, Massachusetts and im 22! The reason i got mine is cause so many people have these certain standards of living and how things are supposed to be you know. I deffinitly hate society and all the bullshit people worry about that doesnt matter. So if your an average no body living by the unwritten book, your a sold soul. But the way i live is the oposite and whats important in life or what success is, its different in my eyes and dont really care about much remember life sucks then you die.

Here’s my thumbs as well:


Hey, im Rania…The story behind my tattoo is obviously my love for retro video games and the fact that im a game design student. Space Invaders was the first game i ve ever made (copied basically) and actually worked and i was pretty excited :D
Tattoo courtesy of W.Inks , Wolverhampton , UK


My name’s Jak, and I tattoo at Body Piercing Unlimited in Anchorage, Alaska. I love movies and I really loved Talledega Nights when it came out, so, bored one day, I wrote this on my knuckles at the shop. I showed it to my friend Pete Meiners who was working with me that day, and he said “I will tattoo that on you, RIGHT NOW!”, so there it is.