Corz of Queensland, Australia sends us these knuckles and the following explanation:

Pretty self explanatory, got WHAT UP YO because its something I say a lot and thought it would get a smile when people saw it.  Also have an 8 and  3 on my thumbs.  They were done at seperate times as my favourite numbers.  But also make up the year I was born.  Faded to hell now and need redoing though.


Oddvar Telstad sent these knuckles in a long time ago (twice) and somehow they fell through the cracks. Sorry about that Oddvar! Here they are now!

The lightning is fram tha AC/DC logo.
The I is for my doughter Iris
The cross is the Cross of Infinity, for the infinite love for my girlfriend.
The spade is for luck.


Kalle from Sweden writes:

been wanting tattoos on my fingers  for a while but didnt want to do anything under the wedding ring…
I recently made a big decision and quit my job to do something i want rather than to just slave to the grind you know…
its going really great and im real happy i did it, so “on a roll” seemed like a good thing to write hehehe…