Jim Madden sends us these hands:

I know this is a cliche knuckle tattoo, but my story behind it is my uncle and one of my best friends, who was a huge influence on everything i do today, had this exact tattoo on his knuckles, and he ended up committing suicide, so its kind of ironic…this is my way of remembering him, among others


I’ll just let Nikki tell the story:

These tats hail from the hands of Nikki in Roanoke, VA.  They read “FIJN DAME,”  which means “Fine Lady” or “Beautiful Lady” in Dutch.  This is not a vain statement being that the words describe my soul and not the exterior.

dies irae

dies irae

Pjotr K. of Finland sends us the story of his knuckles:

The translation of “dies Irae” is “day of wrath“.
It’s the first words of an 13th century latin hymn that desrcribes the judgement day.

I’ve always found the “dies irae”-poem inspirational and fascinating.

And i think that it makes a powerful tattoo with meaning in it.

The picture is taken just few minutes after it  was made  and the red parts of it are’nt really red, they’re just swollen.

Now  i’ve had it for something like a year and a half and it needs some re-colouring and little fixing.