Got these knuckles in and couldn’t wait to post them. Here is the story:

My name is Dev and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, I went through chemo-therapy, and my cancer is currently in remission. While being treated for my cancer I realized how short life really is because I was only 26 at the time of my diagnosis. My chemo traetments were successful, giving me a second chance at life. So I decided to get the tattoo “live life” on my knuckles. I choose to get it on my knuckles so everyone could see it, because i really mean what it says. People often get tattoos in places where they can cover them up for jobs or to be accepted by certain people, but I say fuck that life is short live it to the fullest and do what you want to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:11 NDE

These come courtesy of Danny Edmisten:

NDE is my wifes initials and 11:11 on the pinkie… She took me to the tattoo shop and we were sitting there after the artist put the temporary letters on I asked him if my wife could write something on my pinkie and he taught her how to use the gun and she tattooed the :  in 11:11…  It’s black lettering that fares up to white because my right sleeve Im working on is all B/W It’s simple but Im happy with it.


I met Mark at Flip Happy Crepes in Austin. We talked photography and tattoos for a while and I asked about his knuckle tattoos. This is what he had to say:

i’d always been a fan of the knuckle tattoo and always wanted one. but i needed something that worked for me. and DORK pretty much sums me up perfectly, i don’t take myself too seriously so thought it would do the trick. and yeah the other is my wedding band.  the wife and i couldn’t afford “real” rings and this way we can’t lose ’em.

Photo by: Connie Tsang

You can see photos taken by Mark on his Flickr page.

Lock and Key – SOS

Jailyn Marie Biorn sends us today’s set of wedding bands with the following story:

The lock and key knuckles are my fiance’ and mine. We each have a set. We both have a key on our left ring fingers and locks on our right ring fingers. We got them as Christmas presents to each other last year. We’re from Kennewick, WA… We got them done at Asylum Tattoo in Pasco Washington, by Jesse.

Jailyn also sent this photo of her and her mom:

The “crosses” with the “sos” are my mom and my tattoos. The “sos” means “Survivors of Suicide” because we both have survived it. And we got them also in memory of my uncle (my mom’s brother)… He committed suicide 5 years ago, January 3. It means a lot to us to spread the word that there are other options!


David sent this one in. Here is his story:

This was my second Tattoo I decided to get after my first year of Marriage, it’s my Wife’s initials in Runes.  I don’t like wearing jewellery so I thought getting a Tattoo was a WAY better idea and I thought my Wife would love it.  She wasn’t to happy that I got it, and wasn’t willing to wear my Wedding Ring.  After 5 years of marriage and knowing her for 12 years, she finally warming up to Ink I got in honour of her.  I plan on getting both my Children’s names done in Runes as well.