4x4 Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos



Jessica sends us these lovely knuckles from Minnesota:

The Story behind my knuckle tattoos is actually quite simple, but at the same time has alot of meaning behind it for me, as do all of my tattoos.

First off, the right hand “Punk” more or less describews part of the lifestyle that has come to influence who I am, and well my dress style… kind of cliche I guess but that’s how it goes. Left hand, “Byrd”, common term used in England and amongst skinheads to describe a female, and I’m damn proud to be one, as well as being a Skin byrd.

The lower knuckles, “Oi Oi” common greeting amoungst Punks and skins.

Now all together, it’s great for the simple fact that when i beat the crap out of someone, they’ve been punked by a byrd. Oi!

Done in Salisbury, North Carolina at Inksanity’s Gates by James Danielson.