Knuckle Tattoos Other


Paul Batchelor sends us theses knuckle tattoos all the way from London, England:

I’ve wanted to get my knuckles tattooed for years but have always been restricted by working in the corporate world.. Until I was diagnosed with a long term illness I couldn’t work any longer due to stress triggering my illness and the symptoms of my illness. Last year I met Gordon a tattooist here in London he covered up a mistake I made the year before and since then he has done a full sleeve for me. Through out my break down and my illness I have been supported by my wonderful caring parents and I wanted to honour them by having them put on my skin and the idea for my knuckles came to light.. I got the heart because I love my parents dearly and the star at the end because they both truly stars in my darkest of days. I now volunteer at trojan tattoo and love the work done on my knuckles they are my pride and joy! My mum loves them my dad isn’t too sure but appreciates the sentiment :) They are still currently healing and the pictures where taken right after the work was done.