8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


My name is Logan Bond. I got “INFINITE” across my knuckles because there are endless possibilities in life and I believe we’re responsible for where we are in life, (i.e. experience, mistakes) but in no way regret anything, because we wouldn’t be where we are now, if we hadn’t lived our past the way we did. I’m also a hairdresser, my job is in my hands, literally. My grandmother was also a hairdresser. In her memory, I feel like I’m carrying on her legacy in my career, and this is sort of a remembrance piece for her too. :)
I do plan on adding more color & symbols on my thumbs. Possibly, second knucks as well later on down the road :)
This tattoo was done by Jayme Collins at Old Capital Tattoo in Corydon, Indiana on 5/5/11.