4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


This great sentiment just came in:

My name is Nikki Lynn and these were done by Mark @ Exotic Ink in Conyers, GA.

The story behind them is 2 years ago when I was at a concert at Six Flags, there was a booth selling merchandise with “free hugs” on it. I bought a hat and t-shirt from them and wore them around the concert along with a few other people. There were tons of people that kept running up to me asking for hugs and it was so exciting. I still have that hat and shirt and occasionally wear them because I love getting hugs! I figured that if someone else was having a bad day, they could always use a hug, too. So I decided to get “free hugs” tattooed on my knuckles as a kind of permanent symbol since I can’t always wear my hat or shirt. :)