Paul K. sends us these knuckles:

these words mean a ton to me.I have been through hell and back-addictions, locked up, beat up, divorced. Been lied to, fucked over, left for dead, healthy and sick, battered bruised and broken, and just generally ‘through the ringer’ more than your average person.
Finally this year I have realized that I’ve paid my dues in life ,and it is now time to let go of the past and enjoy life. i guess another benefit of these tats is that I now feel able to do whatever the fuck I want. The knuckles give me the right. (in my mind LoL)

ink was done by Nick Rodino at The Bodyworks Tattoo Studio in Troy, NY


Matthew T. Palumbo has been through it all:

After prison, surviving Hurricane Katrina and eight days of the aftermath, and almost getting killed a few times down here in New Orleans, I figured that this was the most appropriate thing to stick on the ole knucks. Needless to say that I’ve earned a little R&R. This was done by one of my closest friends Chris De Angel who was home from Washington state and doing a guest spot at Tattoo-A-Go-Go here in NOLA (badass shop opened by Donn Davis). Chris is a resident tattooer at Lucky Boys Tattoo in Silverdale Washington. 


Brawlin Bo’ here is a 10 year veteran of professional wrestling as a part of the National Wrestling Alliance and on the Alternative Wrestling Show. Y’all this is pro-wrestling like it was meant to be. Characters with schticks. Beat downs. Real guys I can relate too fighting it out. I don’t know where it all went wrong. But these guys are putting on a show for real. Bo has this to tell us about his knuckle tattoos:

I have been a pro wrestler for about 10 years now , and it’s a tuff business to be in and a lot of people gotta “pay their dues” so to speak. I have for sure done so, and wanted all the other wrestlers to make sure they recognize =]. Plus I did 2 years in the pin for some bullshit back in the day so I figured I would get that for both reasons…

Nothing but respect Bo’. Keep it going strong. A video for the viewing, after the cut.
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