4x4 8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Miss Hope sends us these knuckles and a story:

Hi World! My name is Hope and these are my knuckle tats. I was cursed with these bad boys at age 16,  when I sobered up the next morning sometyhing in my gut told me knew I was pretty much fucked as far as the corporate job world was concearned.
They were originally a stick and poke tattoo ( the most primitive of tattoos : Needle, Thread, Indian Ink) and I thought in my little 16 year old brain it would be awesome to get Hope Full on them….I later found out hopeful has one L not two xD
When I turned 18 I went into the shop and got the second word changed to Fate , the T looks like an upside down cross (the only way to cover that damn L) again I screwed myself once again;  I have even more mormons at my front door.