Knuckle Tattoos



Got these a long time ago, and I’m just now getting them up. Sorry it took so long Robert, but here they are, with your story:

If it is art, how can it be wrong?

My first tattoo was “GAME OVER” across my knuckles.

I’ve been a gamer since roughly the age of three.  Or, well, since I developed the motor skills to differentiate A, B, and a directional pad.

I’ve been saving the princess for seventeen years and, since I won’t ever be getting a “real” job with tattoos on my hands, I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to gaming and the likes.

The tattoo was done by Shawn Booth in Valdosta, Georgia.  Or, as we know him as “the guy with Darth Vader tattooed on his throat.”  No kidding.  He has Darth Vader tattooed on his fucking throat.

He is my hero.

To the grave,
Robert Johnson