8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


My name is Missi and I am proud to have Dinosaur tattooed on my knuckles. I had just moved out of myparents house and into an apartment with a high school friend. I was all excited about not having to listen to my parents or ask them permission so that’s when I got the idea of going to get another tattoo.My knuckles I had always wanted to get done, just didn’t know what to get when Dinosaur finally came to me. I have always loved dinosaurs ever since I was little and watching The Land Before Time. It was a spur of the moment thing. No thoughts about how I would get a better job in the future with knuckle tattoos. No thoughts of what’s it going to look like when i’m 80. Still to this day I don’t think about those things even though people that come into my work as me those questions. I’m proud of my tattoos and no one will ever change that.