8 Across Knuckle Tattoos


Seb sends us these fresh knuckle tattoos and the following story:

I finally got my knuckle tattoo 2 days ago and I had to submit it to your site, since your site was a good inspiration for mine!
After about a month and a half of thinking about what I wanted to get done on my knuckle I still couldn’t decide.. so I just abandonned the project.
I wanted something that represented my authenticity, my strangeness, my way of embracing ridicule and fucking opinions. Finally 3 days after losing all hope
for the tattoo I saw this word and I knew that it was what I wanted!

As for the semi double decker I have below, I got the 4 card types and inversed the colors. It means that not everything in life is always the way it should be, but different isn’t bad :)