This one goes out to my pals in the Austin Facial Hair Club. Although I can not grow a beard of my own, it is important to support those who can. Lauren Ray of Pensacola, FL sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i got this tattoo because well, i LOVE beards. Everyone knows it, so i decided to truly show how much i do by getting it tattooed on my knuckles. The thumbs were a last minute idea and i love them. Tattoo courtesy of 3 Saints Tattoos, Pensacola, FL.



David sent this one in. Here is his story:

This was my second Tattoo I decided to get after my first year of Marriage, it’s my Wife’s initials in Runes.  I don’t like wearing jewellery so I thought getting a Tattoo was a WAY better idea and I thought my Wife would love it.  She wasn’t to happy that I got it, and wasn’t willing to wear my Wedding Ring.  After 5 years of marriage and knowing her for 12 years, she finally warming up to Ink I got in honour of her.  I plan on getting both my Children’s names done in Runes as well.

To Love Now

To Love Now

This is Nicole Williams a learning leader Adviser at the Northwest Hair academy in Everett, Wa:

My name is Nicole Williams. These are my knuckle tattoos. It literally means “to love now” in Tibetan. I am a Tibetan Buddhist and I wanted the writing to match the Tibetan I have tattooed on my chest. I got this one to remind me to live in the moment because anything could happen and that I should love life and everyone around me now because they may not be there later.

Coffin and Hourglass

Coffin and Hourglass

These are the knuckles of Ben Tupper, Hereford UK. His story is a timely one:

Basically I woke up this morning (07/7/07) and like you do sometimes, I was thinking about death. I began to think about how finite life really is and how I need to be more spontaneous. So, I went to see my friend in town and got the hour glass and coffin, kind of to remind me that times ticking away. Plus I want to move work on to my hands gradually.

Tattoos Done by Mozza at Aaargh Tattoo Studio in Hereford UK.