Darlene sends us these bruisers:

So I learned to accept the fact that, like my mother says, i have a bad next time i debate on getting in drunken bar brawl or wanting to punch a broad for giving me catty looks i’ll try n take a look at my knuckles before acting on that! haha


Steven G. sends us these knuckles:

Here are my knuckle tats after their first and second sessions. I work a lot with my hands so I’m healing them in sections… My knocks are a two-fold homage to ‘The Outsiders’ as well as a nod to Bring Me the Horizon’s song ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ line “Throw your diamonds in the sky, we’ll stay gold forever”. My knuckles are me, I can never deny myself, and if I stay gold… I might just leave a mark and “live forever”.


Crissa La-Lynn sends us these digits:

I don’t really have a huge amazing story for getting these tattoos. I know a lot of people either get “love hate” “stay true” but stay true actually means something to me. I feel its important to always stay true to yourself cause in the end you are the only one you have.


David Bowen sends us these beautifully gnarly knuckles:

I got this tattoo a few months ago, primarily as a large step to dedicating my life to MMA and becoming a professional fighter. Touch – up/improvement to come next time I get some work done.


Greg sends us these knuckle tattoos and the following story:

my names Greg I grew up in New York and recently moved to california.. I struggled with addiction for 9+ years i got Stay Gold because to me it reminds me to keep it pure for me “natures first green is gold” Keep my life like it was before I turned “the wrong way”


8 Ball here is the real deal. A one man wrecking crew. If you see STAY DOWN coming at you, there is a good chance you shouldn’t have been up in the first place. He is one of the legendary bouncers in Austin, and the stories are every where. Heart of gold and hands of iron.