Red sends us these knuckle tattoos:

There is not much of a story behind this other than the fact that everything literally is Lost Time. Every hour of every day is Lost Time until we die and I think it is important to remember that because we as humans waste so much time doing such meaningless and horrible things. It is a reminder, a statement and a personal creed all in one.


Reverend Jim sends us these knuckle tattoos and the story behind them:

Well these tattoo’s where done the day after being released from jail which the “Lost Soul” is how I felt during the time i spent without any freedom what so ever. As for the “F.U.” that is pretty much for shit I just wanna deal with anymore. My way of releasing my anger in statement so to speak.


Matt Lawless says:

I had my wife’s initial done on my ring finger and since we split up I’d been agonising about getting it gone over. I chose this in the end because not only does it reflect how I was feeling after the break, but it also speaks for my Nihilist/Hippie sensibilities. A weird mix I know but it’s always worked for me! Lovingly inked by my good friend Andy at Adorn in Shrewsbury UK.


my name is ryan mclaughlin, i think its crazy how outdoor cats create their own little society whether its in the  city or in the woods somewhere, cats from all around just get accepted into groups. kinda like me and some of my friends.



These knuckles come via Celina Homer:

Through out my life, i’ve always known who i was, but have always felt like i didn’t belong anywhere, So i got the word “LOST” on my right knuckles. and i have NO sense of direction and it has gotten me into a lot of trouble.