Harvey Rogers sends us these rocking traditionals, and his story behind them is pretty awesome:
Well where to kick off really, the relevance of HOLD FAST as a tattoo originally came about to prove a sailors worth on board, a rite of passage as such, you had to earn it and was therefore a privilege to have, it was originally tattooed on the knuckles to prove you were an able seaman, insignia on the hands showed what experience you had to captains commissioning crew. As a tattoo it allows me to remember what I’ve achieved on a professional level and the respect I earned amongst my ship mates.
Now, I have only had the tattoos a year but it has been a phrase I have used in my personal life for lots of years due to personal struggles caused both by myself and third parties and a long battle with a drug and alcohol addiction, HOLD FAST because sometimes you just have to lock it down, hold on and wait for the fucking storm to clear.
My torso is extensively tattooed but was never allowed anything visible due to my career, after many years of wanting the tattoo and many hours pondering it I felt established enough within myself, family and friends to go for it without judgement (not that I really give a fuck what anyone thinks anyway) but it definitely made the decision easier.
Also, I just wanted to give a msg to anyone thinking about getting their fingers done:
Please please make sure this is something you want done, give it many many years of thought and don’t allow it to be a spur of the moment decision, although there is a massive tolerance to ink today your knuckles are a huge statement and people will judge, make sure it has a significant meaning to you because if somebody has the bollocks to ask you what they mean you should give them the respect of a dignified answer, not just “because it looked cool man” because they will think you and the rest of us are dicks…
Harvey Rodgers,
Southampton, England


James Brown sends us this set of knuckle tattoos and the story behind them:

About a year ago i had a house with some friends in tulsa where we partied our ass’s off and did some pretty crazy stuff things that i shouldn’t say but i can say we were just doin what people our age do..music,drugs,and rockin roll.. ha i guess well i had a job and was welding makin really good money so i had the money to party like a rockstar and screw like a pornstar so i thought i was livin the fast life and i love famous stars and strapes so i thought i would get this tattoo to show the world how i live on my fingers so everyone could see it every where i went..! A friend of mine did it for free because i bring people to him to get tatoos all the time so he hooked me up with it.!! I have got it re-done three(3) times since then., the i was supossed to have a diamond at the top for the dot..he put a diamond shape and not the real diamond picture..but other than that i really like my tattoo…after i got it i also learned that the rapper paul wall has the same tattoo but his is a little different..and actually has a diamond for the i..!! well thank you for checkin out my tattoo people..!! im out..later.!!



Tonight I saw Thee Oh Sees destroy the Beerland patio. I had to stand on the patio fence in order to shoot pictures. Dangerous, dangerous! 

After the set I talked to Petey Damnit from the band and got these pictures of his knuckles. If you get a chance to catch this band live, don’t miss out.

Don’t miss ’em, you will thank me.

UPDATE: Here are my pictures from the show: 




This set is an update, details:

These are my live fast die young hands. you already have my evil-good knuckles on here so i thought you might like these ones. the were done @ amillion tattoos by cherl lovecock who you also have her knuckles too. live fast die young is how i live. i live every do like its my last don’t miss a moment or life will pass u by



These come courtesy of tattoo artist Erik Kipperman, owner of Swallowtail Tattoo in San Diego, CA.

this is a knuckle tattoo on a customer of mine named brett….he is in the navy; a deck seamen, and he is out to sea. this is a traditional navy tattoo. “Tattooing HOLD, on the knuckles of one hand and FAST, on the other is said to help the seaman hold on to the riggings better.”

in submitting this photo, i am hoping that the tattoo will help him get home safely, so that i can tattoo him some more…

Erik, we are all hoping for the safe return of your friend and all the rest of our troops. To all our pals in the armed forces, be careful out there.