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My name is Mel. Here’s my picture, and my story.
I got these done for the first time in 2008 I think, by a good friend in Australia.
I always wanted something across my knuckles.
Stay Down, because at the time I was doing Muay Thai, and I found that amusing to have it under the gloves. It’s also a fair warning for trouble makers.
But mostly, because I wanted to remind myself that I wasn’t the one supposed to stay down in my life. Bullshit had to stay down. Eventually I’ll get CALM tattooed on my left hand, inside, so when I open my left hand and close the right one, one can read Stay Calm, because I need to remind myself of that too.
Photo by Francis Beddok.


My names Cory Schneider and I have BEAT-DOWN tattooed on my knuckles.  I got it when I joined a body-suspension team that was calling themselves BEAT (we came up with quite a few meanings for the anagram, none of which are repeatable in polite company).  I got DOWN on the other hand because I have OCD and would have hated to be unbalanced.  I always have to explain to people that it has nothing to do with fighting and all to do with my love for body modification.  I had the skeletal structure of my hands tattooed around the knuckle tattoos.