Knuckle Tattoos


My name is Michael Sandlin and I am a tattooer from Livermore, Ca.  I have the words slow down across my knuckles to remind me to take a minute to enjoy the simple joys of life every now and then.  It is good to pump the brakes and smell the roses once in awhile.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Another great set of knuckles, this time from America’s hat, also known as Canada. Here is the story:

My name is James from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. SLOW FADE is a song written by a great Edmonton band called Choke (RIP). The tattoo reminds me that my dreams are in reach as long as I stay true to what I believe in. Resisting the temptations of security, and refusing to settle. “And I Trust There’s Ways To Maintain These Truths That I Know, Cause It’s All That I Know.”

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Done By Manny Landry
D&M Tattoos Fort McMurray Alberta Canada
The Fall Tattooing Vancouver British Columbia Canada