Frederic Bujold from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec sends us these knuckles:

im a great fan of mike ness and all my life i feel pain after love of course …lol

love is pain

so i make this tattoo but bigger than mike cause im younger and the big tattoos is better than small

Tattooed by Marc Dumas at X9 Clothes and Tattoo in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada


Garrett Styles sends us these awesome knuckle tattoos:

hand made, represents 3 aspects to me. first and most importantly, I am a christian and believe that we are all hand made by God himself. secondly, i am  a mechanic and do all my work with my hands, i make a living with them and support my family with them, so to me , my family is hand made. Thirdly, i am into 4×4 trucks and there is alot of fabrication involved, and i always prefer to make what i can rather than buy it. being hand made. 

all my work has been done by Baillie Fruson @ eye of the needle saskatoon saskatchewan.


Fat Tom is a straight up dude and wants you to know it:

My story is pretty simple. I’m just a punk rocker and a skateboarder who has no job or money. I live on my friends couches and party but sometimes i get to travel. My life rules and I don’t plan on ever having a real job. P.S. let me know if i can use your couch! Thanks -Fat Tom