Lock and Key – SOS

Jailyn Marie Biorn sends us today’s set of wedding bands with the following story:

The lock and key knuckles are my fiance’ and mine. We each have a set. We both have a key on our left ring fingers and locks on our right ring fingers. We got them as Christmas presents to each other last year. We’re from Kennewick, WA… We got them done at Asylum Tattoo in Pasco Washington, by Jesse.

Jailyn also sent this photo of her and her mom:

The “crosses” with the “sos” are my mom and my tattoos. The “sos” means “Survivors of Suicide” because we both have survived it. And we got them also in memory of my uncle (my mom’s brother)… He committed suicide 5 years ago, January 3. It means a lot to us to spread the word that there are other options!


Hey everybody, this is Melissa from Long Beach, California. This is her tale:

The LBC (long beach cunts!) represents where I grew up. Just a reminder to me and everyone..where ever I’m at Long beach will always be home!!!

To all those dumb fucks, the “C” does not stand for California…


ROCK STARDro sends us this set of ROCK STAR knuckles:

I am the bass player for south florida’s Deadstar Assembly. In this email I have attached a photo of my knuckle tatt which reads “Rock Star”. A bunch of fans have been emailing me asking me to submit my photo to this site, so I figured I’d finally take a picture and send it in. Hope it goes to good use. You can check us out at deadstar.com and myspace.com/deadstarassembly.



Ashley J sent these knuckles in with the following story:

I got this tattoo because I’m a complete school junkie. I love every aspect of it. Learning new things, writing papers, studying, listening to lectures. I love the feeling of learning something that I never knew before, and would probably never need to know in my whole life. I expect to have atleast 4 or 5 different degrees by the time I finish school. None of them I really plan to do anything with or pursue any type of career in the fields I study. I just want to spend my life learning as much as I possibly can. Also, whenever I get asked what my standards are my only response is “I want a boy who will talk about calculus with me, and won’t get mad if I correct his grammar.” Whenever I tell somebody what I plan to do with my life, or what I look for in a boy, all I’ve EVER gotten back from them is “You’re such a…nerd.” And I realize they were right. I am. It’s a big part of who I am, and I’m extremely proud of it.


I got these late last year, and I’m just now digging them out of my mail. I’m sorry Henry, I’m still catching up:

My Story:
Because I´ll be 25 this year, I thought it will be great to have my year of birth on my knuckles. So I can show my fist and people can see how old I am. Not very long this story.

Nice greetz from germany.

Ps. This tattoo is selfmade!


Take Me On

New Wave Dave is slowly learning that life is OK. Or he is ready for anything:

TAKE ON ME, as in the song, the a-ha song. One of the first albums I ever bought was a-ha’s Hunting High and Low, and for ages I would fall asleep to the a side. It is my all time favorite album, and in 2003 I got this knuckle tattoo. My sister is a tattoo artist and I had her do them.

If people recognize the song they usually find it funny, if they don’t they usually ask if I am a boxer. So I find the response interesting.