My name is Topher Brown Suga Maurer. I just got OLOC on my right nucks. It stands for One Life One Chance. I am a manic depressive and I have been super down lately as well as making some bad choices, decided it was time to get myself under control and turn things around. I have a degree in physics so I took the pic for fun. lol. I have other tattoo’s but I have been wanting knuckle tatts for a while now.


We joke about getting this set at Knuckle Tattoo Central, it is sort of amazing to see it done in the flesh. Christopher, hats off to you. Here is his story:

Got this done when I  was 18 with needle and thread in my buddys garage after a long night of partying and im 23 now thinking bout gettin somthing else put over it but I’m not sure and thats how I came across this website.


Hello , my name is Mike and I own a tattooshop in Belgium.
Recently a friend/client of mine made this tattoo. BEUS. According to him it means : When someone gets to close , its the sound that people will hear when his fist makes contact with their face.


Names Goober.. I was trying to think of something funny that no one else had ever had or I have ever seen . Im always hearing peolle say there gonna give someone a knuckle sandwhich so I thought how funny would it be to put an actually ham and swiss cheese sandwhich on my knuckles.. And here you go..

Jason Widger

H-D Instructor

I had to include the close up too: