Hey guys my name is Aj and I’m from australia… I got these a while ago now and thought I would share them I got my inspiration from Big-b the music artist from a song that no matter what mood I’m in I can listen to and be happy also a lot of people would agree that this describes me pretty well…


Also have this on both thumbs if ur interested. I got sick of seeing stitches so I got surgical staples instead


Rachel Ludwick sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I really dont have a great story behind getting them. I have just always Loved potatoes . I was homeless when i decided to get them and i was eating alot of potatoes becuase they were cheap and easy to get. I get ALOT of strange looks when i show people what my knuckles say. Most people just think its really weird.


my name is Anya and this is my knuckle tattoo. it’s a little fallen out but that’s because i am a tattoo artist myself and i had to wear gloves while it was healing…
i got “spitfire” because i am a huge Prodigy fan and that’s the name of one of my most favorite songs by them. Also, Spitfire means “a female of a fiery temper” and well, that’s what i am :)



Sam Chronic sends us these knuckles and his story:

After finishing my sleeves and hands I realized I hit a true creative roadblock figuring something out for my knuckles. I wanted to avoid most of what I had seen on other people because either it did not represent me or it just seemed way too cliche.

I work as a year round employee of Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, GA doing everything from special effects to set design. Obviously I am a big fan of Halloween and horror in general and much of my tattoo work represents that world. One day I am working on an animated creature with music blasting as normal and suddenly The Misfits “Horror Business” begins to play. For whatever reason I stopped working and looked at my hands realizing I had just found the missing link in my knuckle tattoo design.

Sent the idea over to my friend and tattoo artist – Lew Hands @ Timeless Tattoo to see what he thought. There was some hesitation doing “HORROR BUSINESS” because while my hands are together the design works but each hand individually makes no sense. I pretty much persisted and was dead set on the idea being a huge Misfits fan as well as representing what I do for a living and am most passionate about.

Lew put his artistic touches on everything and suffice to say we are both stoked on the results of the tattoo.

Attached are both hands and my knuckle tattoos – all done by Lew Hands @ Timeless Tattoo in Atlanta, GA.


My name is Missi and I am proud to have Dinosaur tattooed on my knuckles. I had just moved out of myparents house and into an apartment with a high school friend. I was all excited about not having to listen to my parents or ask them permission so that’s when I got the idea of going to get another tattoo.My knuckles I had always wanted to get done, just didn’t know what to get when Dinosaur finally came to me. I have always loved dinosaurs ever since I was little and watching The Land Before Time. It was a spur of the moment thing. No thoughts about how I would get a better job in the future with knuckle tattoos. No thoughts of what’s it going to look like when i’m 80. Still to this day I don’t think about those things even though people that come into my work as me those questions. I’m proud of my tattoos and no one will ever change that.